The Regional Brand LUBELSKIE is a pioneering initiative on a national scale to promote the economic effects of the Lublin region by supporting domestic products and services.

The origins of the project dates back to the year 2007, when the logo of the brand was developed and registered as a trademark LUBELSKIE. It is a distinction for businesses and institutions that can boast of high-quality, healthy organic products and services. The concept of the promotion includes promoting products and services, the common characteristic of which is the geographical origin and the quality that receive recognition among consumers. The trump of the brand is its universality that allows entrepreneurs, representing all sectors, to participate in the process of strengthening the competitiveness of the region. After two years of presence in the regional market, the Regional Brand LUBELSKIE gains features of a brand positively associated and perceived among the inhabitants of the Lublin region. Our goal is to promote brand products not only in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, but also beyond the borders of the region and the country.

The LUBELSKIE brand is awarded by the Chapter appointed by the Marshal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. The winners may use the logo LUBELSKIE placing it on their products, offices, websites, advertising brochures or using other forms of communication with the environment. The right to use the trademark is entitled to a company for two years with the possibility of extension.


  • Supports economic development through promotion of Lublin entrepreneurs and providing them with an additional tool enhancing their competitiveness;
  • Promotes the region by enhancing the brand-name products in the business environment and customers;
  • Raises the level of demand for regional products;
  • Creates innovative product and service evaluation system based on the place of their production;
  • Integrates the system of regional economic promotion, and
  • Forms an effective tool for development of exports through its impact on the quality of products and services and creates the Lublin’s sectoral networks of co-operation.

The objectives of the “Lubelskie” Brand Project are implemented through information and promotional campaigns, co-financed by the EU budget.